Commercial Litigation

DFL Legal has a wide range of experience handling complex, commercial litigation matters before judges, juries and arbitrators.

Our commercial litigation practice encompasses a broad variety of sophisticated matters including: business disputes, the UCC, insurance coverage, reinsurance, environmental and natural resources, internal investigations, business frauds, banking, tax assessment, real estate, oil and gas and battlefield injuries.

In addition to handling all phases of litigation and arbitration from the preparation and filing of the complaint to trying the case, we have negotiated and structured complex and creative settlements on behalf of our clients.

We have significant experience with e-discovery, electronic case and document management, jury consultants and trial presentation technology. On these matters, we routinely partner with leading outside vendors in the commercial litigation field to provide our clients with a cost-effective and efficient case management and trial presentation.

At DFL Legal, we believe that enhanced client communication is the key to a successful partnering arrangement. Our goal on any litigation matter is to create a cost-effective work plan that allocates resources in the manner best situated to the specific issues at hand. This may result in work being provided by DFL Legal lawyers, inside counsel, other client personnel, or a combination of these professionals. We strive to provide our clients with real-time case assessments and periodic status reports during the course of the litigation.

DFL Legal is committed to handling commercial litigation engagements in a manner keeping with our client’s business objectives.