Construction Litigation

The foundation of our practice at DFL Legal is the resolution of construction-industry disputes. We have represented some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated construction-industry owners (public and private), developers, contractors, and engineers on disputes arising out of some of the largest and most complex construction projects ever undertaken.

We have extensive experience representing our construction-industry clients in pre-dispute negotiations, mediations, proceedings before dispute review boards, nonbinding adjudications, administrative proceedings, jury and bench trials, and domestic and international arbitrations. Our construction litigation practice encompasses a wide range of construction-related claims, including: design and equipment defects; warranty and performance guarantees; delay, disruption and acceleration; interference; consequential damages and limits of liability; scope change; cardinal change; cost overruns; bond claims; mechanics’ liens; and contractor and professional licensing.

As part of our construction litigation practice, we have been retained to conduct preliminary case assessments, which focus on the history, facts and legal issues arising out of construction projects. This process allows us to provide our construction-industry clients with real-time advice and strategies for resolving construction disputes.

In addition to our dispute resolution experience, our lawyers have extensive experience identifying, preparing and presenting construction claims with values ranging from the tens to the hundreds of millions of dollars. As part of this claim process, we investigate the underlying facts and develop supporting legal theories. Often, our construction-industry clients are able to achieve a successful resolution of their claims prior to the commencement of formal dispute resolution proceedings.

We have developed an extensive network of world-wide expert witnesses and consultants that we call upon as necessary to assist us in the claim preparation process and dispute resolution.

We are able to rely upon our extensive dispute resolution experience to assist our construction-industry clients in developing and negotiating settlement agreements that meet their overall business goals. As part of the settlement process, we have negotiated and drafted project change orders, contract amendments, joint defense agreements, liquidating agreements, high-low agreements, cooperation agreements, tolling agreements and restructuring agreements.

Additional information regarding our Construction Litigation experience can be found on our Representative Engagements page.