COVID-19 Message

covid-19 updates and news

DFL Legal is open for business and is your partner for navigating the challenges and uncertainties of the COVID-19 crisis.

First and foremost, we are committed to ensuring that the current public health crisis does not adversely affect the legal services we provide to you, our valued client. In accordance with local government directives, we have asked our Pittsburgh-based attorneys and staff members to work from home this week if feasible. If your business has adopted a similar policy, or if you are subject to travel policies or restrictions that impact planned meetings, please let us know so that we can seamlessly continue our collaboration with you.

We know that you may have questions about the current situation and uncertainties about the future. We are giving close attention to the legal situation and will be happy to talk to you about any concerns you may have. We have noted that many courts are suspending jury trials and otherwise making adaptations to the public health crisis and discouragement of large meetings. We are actively monitoring the courts in which we have pending matters and will keep you informed.

We are particularly attuned to two sets of issues that may be of impact to your business. First, the public health crisis and accompanying government-ordered shutdowns, supply chain interruptions, and workforce disruptions may impose significant burden on your performance of contracts, as well as on the performance you have contracted from others. Your contracts may include relevant provisions such as force majeure, epidemic/pandemic, or government action clauses. Legal principles such as frustration of purpose, impossibility of performance, and the duty to mitigate may also be applicable. We are prepared to review these provisions and principles with you and advise a practical course of action.

Second, your business may be protected by business interruption insurance, typically in connection with your commercial property or business owner’s insurance. Representing construction-industry policyholders in disputes with their insurers is one of our core areas of practice, and we have significant experience in business interruption claims. If you anticipate an interruption of your business, it is best to evaluate insurance as soon as possible to maximize recovery. We are prepared to assist you in this by reviewing your coverages and discussing the impacts COVID-19 has had or is likely to have on your business.