DFL Legal Partner to Speak at the 2015 Construction SuperConference

DFL Legal partner, Brian Davidson, will present at the 2015 Construction SuperConference in San Diego on Tuesday, December 8th at 9:30 a.m. The Panel session, “Addressing the Cost-Reimbursable Mindset: How to Better Balance and Manage Risk Between Parties,” will explore, among other topics, key considerations when negotiating a cost-reimbursable contract, the identification and allocation of risks to both contractor and owner, and the common elements of disputes arising under cost-reimbursable contracts, including those resulting from unclear contract definitions and the failure of the parties to adhere to the contract-change provisions.

Davidson will be joined on the Panel by construction industry experts Bart Turner of KBR, David Hume of B.L. Harbert International, and Andy Rhodes of The Rhodes Group. More information regarding this Panel Session and the 2015 Construction SuperConference can be found at http://www.constructionsuperconference.com/page/2015-sessions#E03