e-Discovery, or electronic discovery, is the preservation, collection, review and production of electronic data. Because of the numerous different types of electronic data most people use daily, regardless of the size of the subpoena, investigation, litigation or arbitration, e-discovery is now an integral and necessary part of all legal matters and ongoing construction projects.

DFL Legal has a wide range of experience with all types of e-discovery matters.

Our e-discovery practice encompasses a broad range of services both before and in connection with litigation including: advising on and drafting data retention policies; counseling on “Bring Your Own Device” policies and procedures; drafting litigation hold notices and creating preservation plans for data; negotiating and drafting protective orders and electronic data protocols; drafting and negotiating data, search term, custodian and date range limitation agreements; and creating customized plans to collect, search, review and produce data by custodians, search terms, or any other limiters. We also utilize the latest technology-assisted review tools through our partnerships with leading e-discovery vendors.

We have extensive experience creating review plans and leading document reviews for privilege and responsiveness, witness preparation, depositions, summary judgment and trial preparation for all types of cases. We routinely handle cases with millions of electronic records, but also have the flexibility to efficiently handle cases with only a few thousand electronic records. We also advise on data privacy laws and how those laws impact document preservation, collection and production.

Even in cases where DFL Legal is not primary litigation counsel, we assist with creating cost-effective and efficient data retention, preservation and e-discovery plans. We can also assist with discovery disputes in courts and before arbitration panels. To ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness for all size e-discovery projects, we partner with e-discovery vendors to offer a variety of data review platforms and e-discovery tools. In addition to our dedicated e-discovery staff, we also work with specially trained, low-cost, e-discovery attorneys who can efficiently perform document reviews.

As with our other practice areas, DFL Legal is committed to handling its e-discovery practice in a cost-effective and efficient manner that keeps with our client’s objectives.

For more information about DFL Legal’s e-Discovery practice, please contact Samantha Brutout at 412-926-1816 or sbrutout@dfllegal.com.