The Law of Construction Defects and Failures


The law pertaining to construction defects and failures is a broad topic of which all participants in the engineering and construction industry should have a basic understanding. With this in mind, DFL Legal has prepared a primer titled "The Law of Construction Defects and Failures." The Primer contains five chapters: Chapter One "Defining Construction Defects and Failures"; Chapter Two "Types and Causes of Defects and Failures"; Chapter Three "Law of Defects and Failures"; Chapter Four "Insurance"; and Chapter Five "Strategies for Reducing Defects and Failures". Beginning this month and continuing over the next several, DFL Legal will be posting all five chapters on its website. Chapter One, in addition to exploring the definitions of defects and failures, discusses the general legal and practical consequences flowing from defects and failures, three failure case studies and the role of forensic experts in investigating the root cause of a defect or failure and the assessment of legal liability.

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